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Craftyboy Custom Night

Do you like to customize the difficulty of the animatronic robots? Let’s join Craftyboy Custom Night – another fanmade FNAF game to show off your animatronic-customizing and surviving skills. This awesome FNAF Fangame Download follows the UCN style and it brings you a scary adventure where you will face off against even more animatronics. But first, you must adjust their difficulties, ranging from 0 to 20. Feel free to make them hard or easy to cope with! But whatever you do to them, you will also have to defeat them if you want to win. When the animatronics begin moving, you must use the cameras to track their movements. They will go from this room to another one and end up getting into your office. Therefore, you need to check where they are heading to, then quickly close the emergency doors in time before it’s too late. Do you think you will get through all the dangers and beat this night? Try it now!

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