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Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night

Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night is a creepy FNAF Horror Fangame that you shouldn’t miss out a chance to explore. This fangame brings you another custom night where you can freely set your preferred animatronic robots to be harder or easier to deal with. Like other previous Fnaf games, you must set the animatronics in a specific level, from 0 to 20. It will be so fun to adjust the robots following your own way! However, whether you set them to be harder or easier, you still have to face off against them during the custom night. You must use your cameras to track their movements and utilize your smart strategies to outplay them before they have an opportunity to jumpscare you. Do anything you can to stay alive and get through all the challenges then come out as the final victor. Are you ready for the game? Give it a shot now! 

Download Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night at here

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