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Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares 1.5 – v.0.9.0

Feel free to download a nice FNAF Fan-made game called Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares 1.5 – v.0.9.0! This fangame is currently in a beta phase, and the version of it can be changed anytime, also, it may contain some bugs. In the game, after some occurrences of the BBiN, you are taken back at home and provided with a task to finish, so have your skills ready to experience a brand new nightmare awaiting you ahead. You will start conquering some horror nights where you face off against a lot of nightmare friends. The main task here is to unlock Polter Baldi as well as remove him for good, which is not an easy task at all. You need to use your strategies to overcome all the challenges around you and try to defend yourself no matter what it takes, or else you won’t be able to complete the job, causing the game to be over. This is going to be one of the spookiest adventures you have ever had! So come to explore and conquer it now! 

Download Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares 1.5 – v.0.9.0

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