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Dark Deception

Fnaf Dark Deception

Download the fun-addicting Fnaf Dark Deception game not owned by Scott Cawthon, and embark on a survival race! You wake up in a strange place that is regarded as the shelter of many scary monsters which are not similar to hostile animatronics characters that you have ever seen when playing FNaF series. One of them is a big bloodthirsty monkey. Besides, you will have the chance to face other frightening enemies while you pass through areas in Dark Deception. Obviously, the mission that you must implement in that journey is to defend yourself from them or they will capture and kill you. If you are running away from the chaser or simply roaming around the building to search for the exit, you do not skip purple gems scattered across the hallways. Your Fnaf game is being made to get more awesome. Currently, you can test Chapter 1 on Steam without paying a penny. Get ready to kick off skills and conquer the challenge from now on! Good luck! 

Dark Deception Chapter 1 Demo

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