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Five Night’s at Stickman

 Five Night’s at Stickman is similar to almost typical horror Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired fan games when you will be required to stay alive. In order to become the winner in the latest challenge, you must end up every stage safely. After entering an abandoned building to check out mysteries revolved around a black man who often appears at night, you are trapped.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find the support of other people in Five Night’s at Stickman Gamejolt. However, you will still seize several opportunities to survive if you know how to use items. They can be seen around the office where you cannot escape until 6 AM. One of them is a mask. When you spot the monster coming into the room, quickly pick that object and put it on your face. It will fool him and he will leave you alone. Download Five Night’s at Stickman free and you can turn on security cameras to keep track of his movement. It is actually helpful to look for the best strategy to deal with him. Don’t let any jumpscare happen or you will die!

Five Night’s at Stickman Pre-Alpha Five Night’s at Stickman Alpha 1 Five Night’s at Stickman DEMO

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