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FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official)

FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official) is an action game which takes place in the new and better restaurant known as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. The boss has released a hiring announcement and you are selected to engage in that exciting part-time job. His building should be protected by a good security guard and you are assigned to complete that mission. You will be given the best item for safety. They are cameras, controlled shocks, and a temperature switch.

Although they are normal devices that every pizzeria has, they become important in FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official) fangame. Different from the original, there is a twist. Before you can leave, you must finish all tasks and survive. The payment will double! Quickly hop into your position and activate the electrical power! Note that you have only one life. You are recommended to save it if you want to win. To learn much more about the current episode, FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official), you can check two previous chapters below:

Fnaf UE 1


FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official)

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