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One Night at Poops 3

One Night at Poops 3

 One Night at Poops 3 is one of the top classic Five Nights at Freddy’s based fan games. It is about the latest adventure of a familiar character coming from the original FNAF series. He is trapped again and he is facing a very scary horde of roaming wicked animatronic creatures. Hop into the newest playfield and give him a hand so he is able to get rid of the building and remains alive! 

Download One Night at Poops 3 Gamejolt for free and you will have the chance to encounter strange enemies! The story was started since the day FOKIFOX killed all the poop except Luda Poop. Unfortunately, the poops came to revenge him. As in FNAF games, you must prevent the foes in One Night at Poops 3 unblocked from invading your space. Once they are successful in overcoming every obstacle that you put up, they will perform jumpscares to catch and murder you. Good luck!

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