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One Week at Buggy’s

One Week at Buggy's
One Week at Buggy’s

One Week at Buggy’s is a horror FNAF fan game set in a dark local blue bunny restaurant. You are a young man who has been selected to watch equipment along with animatronic mascots. While your job sounds easy to finish, you are going to face the most dangerous situation from those robots. They will wake up and roam at the moment that you start your mission. Not only that, they will find your place to catch and kill you. 

If you want to get paid and be the winner once you download One Week at Buggy’s Gamejolt free, you must block them! Always keep calm and take control of every tool in your area carefully! The designs with loud noises and other elements can scare you whenever. Attempt to check everything around via cameras and use other items to stop them before they approach your position! Let’s open the door and perform your abilities now! 

One Week at Buggy’s Demo

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