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FNAF Project Box

Project Box free download is a fan game inspired by FNAF books instead of the original games made by Scott Cawthon. It brings cool features to your expedition, with 5 nights to play, 4 point-and-click minigames to master, and animated cutscenes to explore. Project Box fan game also features the twisted animatronics aka mannequin animaronics when they are not in their twisted shape, including Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, and the wolf only. You play the role of Charlie – the protagonist of the book series in this fan creation.

Here’s the game synopsis of Project Box game download: One or two days after the conclusion of the Twisted Ones, Charlie wakes up and found herself stuck in the underground pizza restaurant. But, she is in a room that she has never been before. She wants to leave this place quickly, but it seems that she cannot do it easily. Springtrap is here to torture Charlie. She has to survive his attacks through a lot of horror nights. Also, she must find clues to solve the mystery of her late father throughout the day time. When the night comes, she will deal with Springtrap. As Charlie, you must interact with the six posts featured in the game, including the monitor, the power breaker, a click, a large box, and the two doors on opposite sites of the room. If you know how to use these posts wisely as well as keep them all balanced, you will get through all nights. Can you survive until the end? Download the game for free now!

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