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The End of McDonald’s

The End of McDonald's

 The End of McDonald’s is one of the unique horror FNAF based fan-made games. It includes the full version and a flash edition that is available for all to play directly. Just press the button and you can hop into the latest adventure without effort.

The main aim that you need to accomplish at The End of McDonald’s Gamejolt is to survive as long as possible. After you are hired to watch equipment at a hunted building, you have to supervise wondering animatronic characters via security cameras. They will be the main antagonists in FNAF The End of McDonald’s. You need to prevent all of them from invading your office or you will be captured and killed. Download The End of McDonald’s free and embark on a dangerous part-time job from 12 AM to 6 AM! Can you block every deadly jump and become the winner? Turn on devices now! Good luck!

The End of McDonald’s

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