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7 Nights at Turtle’s

Let’s use your surviving abilities to conquer an adventure in 7 Nights at Turtle’s! This is one of the best FNAF fan games that you should try. The game has three savage animatronics, including C, Blop, and Turtle. They are very hostile and will attack anytime they can. You must use your flashlight and a smell to scare away C and Blop, respectively. Also, if you stay in the dark, Turtles won’t do anything to you. Make sure you pay attention to surroundings while dealing with animatronics, survive all dangers and beat the game! There are seven 7 nights you have to spend! How long will you last? Play the game now!

Instructions: Interact with objects by using the mouse, also you can click the desk to hide, and tap spacebar to use the flashlight.

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