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The Only Night At Redster’s [IT’S PLAYABLE :O]

The Only Night at Redster’s is a great FNAF fan game where you will face off against Redster, Bonzi Bunny, Jason and Ross which are known as a dangerous and savage animatronic gang. You have a door and a vent here, so you must use either of them carefully to deal with those enemies. Try to toggle one of them wisely so the animatronics won’t be able to get into your place. Use your tactics to fight them off and make an attempt to survive the whole night.

Instructions: Begin your game with key S, open or shut the camera with key C/D. Use key R, B, 1 and R to check out how near the animatronics are to you, including Rester, Bonzi, Ross and Jason respectively. Toggle the door and vent by using key Z and 9 respectively.

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