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Ultimate Custom Night Online

Embark on another frightening adventure in a free game online called Ultimate Custom Night! It’s known as the latest spinoff installment in FNAF series developed and published by Scott Cawthon. You can download it for free, but you are also able to play it online. The main gist of this new game is to set the difficulty of the animatronics, from 0 to 20, as well as mix and match them following your own way before you begin to fight against them. No matter how hard or how easy the animatronics are, you still have to struggle with them and try to fend them off using some given tools, like a power generator, the heater, a global music box, etc. They won’t be hesitant to enter your office with the purpose of killing you. Therefore, you must go check the two side doors, two Pirate Coves curtains, two vents and two air hoses. Make sure no animatronics sneak into your office, or else they will jumpscare you. Don’t forget to pick up coins if you want to buy some cool items in the game. Good luck!

Instructions: Shut the doors using WAD. Click left mouse to interact with in-game items.

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